Kacey… a Tauhei Combined School Kid…

Kacey is…

…. A New Zealander

….lives in the swampy areas of Tauhei

….is part of an extended family of parents, whanau, community

….enjoys communicating with others

Kacey is our School Logo

Kacey’s name is derived from the key competencies often referred to as KCs.

Kacey wears the Tauhei Combined School uniform and gumboots. She has maroon and blue colourings which represent our school colours.

Kacey carries a Maori kete made of harakeke. This is significant because historically there were flax mills in Tauhei. The kete acknowledges the bicultural heritage of New Zealanders.

The handle of the kete is plaited showing how values, and key competencies are woven together and represent the idea that skills and values underpin learning.

The kete has a logo of the New Zealand school curriculum.

At Tauhei Combined School there is an expectation that each person should put something new in their own kete of knowledge every day.

                                                                  Copy of Kasey